Back to school

For a parent, August is the time of year that summer comes to an end and the anticipation of new comes around: new school year, new material for your children to learn, new teachers, and new extracurricular activities to bring them to. These changes can be overwhelming, but with the right preparation, some pressure can be taken away for the start of the new school year! As parents ourselves, our Revere Schools Foundation Board members have some back-to-school tips and easy steps you can utilize:  

  1. Calendar - Start creating a calendar of events, activities, practices, and school breaks so you have a routine and clear schedule to follow in the midst of this busy time.

  2. Carpool - Ask around and secure carpool plans for drop-offs and pick-ups of children whose parents live near you and would be convenient to share rides.

  3. Shop online - Take the stress out of school supply shopping and enjoy the ease of online shopping. You can even have your child help you pick out the colors and supplies they want in a short amount of time sitting next to you. Amazon Prime is a great choice to offer 2-day free shipping. 

  4. Doctor’s Appointments - Try to get in a physical and eye exam leading up to school starting so you can be sure they will not miss a day and are caught up on important vaccinations. 

  5. Bedtime - Although many children do not like to have a set bedtime in these last summer days, it is imperative they start to develop a stable sleep schedule. Gradually make their bedtime earlier in the weeks leading up to school to ensure preparation for early mornings during the school year.

  6. Take a Breath  - When school is approaching, be sure to model calm behavior for your children. Many kids are influenced by their environment and keep in mind: nervous parents send nervous kids to school. 

With following these steps, you can have a great start to the school year. The Revere Schools Foundation wishes you a successful 2019-2020 school year! For more tips, see the resources below and keep up with the Revere Schools Foundation during this school year for updates and events to enhance our mission!